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Aktualisiert: 28. Okt 2019

Ecosystems: Unternehmen können nur dann wachsen, wenn ihre Mitarbeiter sich ständig weiterentwickeln. Ein lebhaftes Ecosystem beflügelt den Unternehmenserfolg und sorgt dafür, dass wertvolle Mitarbeiter bleiben.

Von Whitney Johnson

Erik Bursch was good at his job and his team was delivering, but he was ready to learn something new. He was running a cloud platform within the Technology division of Gannett and he believed that if he could put himself in a new environment, the organization could learn and grow along with him.

Bursch could have looked outside Gannett for a new opportunity - many people do - but he liked Gannett, had been with them for over a decade, and had relationships throughout the company. He decided to reach out to Jason Jedlinski, SVP Consumer Products, and proposed combining their engineering teams.

Jedlinski was receptive and helped facilitate Bursch's shift to a new role as one of his direct reports. Bursch was able to bring his deep domain expertise in the full software development cycle and learned how to freshly apply it in Product. As Bursch said, "I was really seeking the challenge of aligning technology advancement to support a product vision. Being able to have a larger impact on our business gave me and my team the thrill and excitement that comes with a brand new job, without losing momentum and expertise."

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