Young People Are Leading the Way on Climate Change, and Companies Need to Pay Attention

Aktualisiert: 5. Juli 2019

In one of the many oddities of biology, kids hear differently than the rest of us. There are frequencies that only teens and young adults can make out. Lately it seems that the under-20 crowd is hearing one particular high pitch much better than the rest of us, including most business leaders: the alarm that climate scientists have been sounding.

Consider the young Swede, Greta Thunberg, who just turned 16 in January. Last year, Thunberg stopped going to school to protest inaction on climate change, saying there was little point in studying for a future that may not exist. Within months, Thunberg urged immediate action from business leaders at the World Economic Forum and the told the UN’s Secretary General and others at the global climate summit in Poland that they are “stealing [childrens’] future in front of their very eyes.” What she started is growing, and she’s been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts.

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